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The story of the development of Cuckoo curling - made with Unity

Documentary film about mind & technology behind Subfocus live. For the first time, all the secrets are unrevealed. JHO Management, Immersive LTD & Daruma Vision presents Directed by Taichi Kimura Producer - Jho Oakley & Rosie Foster Camera - Rene Sterling, Will Jessel & Ben Wothers Editor - Taichi Kimura Editing advisor - Frank Barlow & Chris Anderson Photography - Justin De Souza Sound recordist - Giovanni Di Giulio Interviewer - Rene Harriman Opening animation -...

Last week I introduced the concept of color wheel masking, and suggested that any color scheme can be represented or mapped as a shape on a...

25 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Here's a list of sites that will help you learn anything : CodeAcademy, Coursera, Duolingo, edX. Factsie, Fast Company's 30-Second MBA Freerice Gibbon Instructables, Investopedia, Khan Academy, LearnVest, Lifehacker, Lumosity, MIT Open Courseware, Powersearching with Google, Quora, Recipe Puppy, Spreeder, StackOverflow, TED-Ed, Udemy, Unplug The TV, VSauce