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J'adore Scarlett O'Hara, Autant en emporte le vent est un de mes classiques préférés, autant le livre que le film xx

How many of you guys have seen civil war??? What did you think????<<<---I saw it. It is hands down the BEST Marvel movie to date...maybe even the BEST ever!!!!

doc-zaius: eric-coldfire: waititi: Tom Holland on the set of...

Uh--also recall the whole part where Tony keeps trying so hard to keep his fears from happening he causes them. I'm sure he was while Cap walked away without his shield.

As a hardcore shipper I hope this keeps happening, because Romanogers is clearly off the table and Brucenat was awful and they are both so funny!

Hawkeye & Black Widow in Civil War. I'm dying. I need this movie now, but I'm not ready to die for real. Ya feel me?

Steve, as always, is protective of his team. He sees that Wanda is uncomfortable and he puts an end to it.

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