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Deriving Chrina ADV by DiegooCunha on DeviantArt

Deriving Chrina ADV by DiegooCunha on DeviantArt That is one calm cat. "Oh, fireballs raining down? Eh, I'm comfy, don't want to move, let the humans deal with it.

Legend of the cryptids : Foto

Legend of the cryptids : Foto

Elena por Lu di Lazzaro

Paanora Enduilnir, inhabitant of Horn and dressed up for a friends wedding, needs a moment by herself in her familys garden before she go.

"Do it. I won't stop you." She says and I am about to but she doesn't realize that from the moment I set eyes on her she has stopped me from doing everything I am supposed to. She already has stopped me.

Still unsure whether to include an elf-like race or not. [Artist: Mingzhu Yang aka - Title: The Black Prince (sketch) - Card: Evil Knight King Loser (Lose Die)]

Gelatinous Cube  [Miles]

Cubo Gelatinoso Best pic of a gelatinous cube I have seen in a while - The 10 Most Memorable Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Slow regards of SIlent things by MarcSimonetti.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Cover art by Marc Simonetti for the French, Brazilian, Dutch, and Hungarian editions of 'The Slow Regard of Silent Things', part of the 'Kingkiller Chronicles' series by Patrick Rothfuss