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“The kimono enjoyed a single show at Tokyo Fashion Week, a reminder that it still is the elephant in the room when considering Japanese fashion, an alternative path in fashion design that never got.

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Umeyae wearing a cute and quite busy Hiki. I love the small flowers on the royal blue Background, the hints of orange on her Obi are a perfect match! This is actually one of very few Hikis i like from Kamishichiken.


美しい芸妓写真を集めたサイト「Geiko-san & Maiko-san」でいにしえにタイムスリップ

JOTARU SAITO A/W 2012  roppongi, tokyo  AW 2012, girls  Kjeld Duits    Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection of Japanese fashion brand JOTARU SAITO on March 21, 2012, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection of Japanese fashion brand JOTARO SAITO on March during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.


Canadian Girl in love with j-fashion, esp gothic lolita, mori kei and kimono, horror movies, and metal.

Lovely Retro

kimononagoya: “ Here is HL’s take on Retro. There’s a familiar desaturation of colours and accents of red. The light obi pulls out the frosted pinks and the peach contrasts it with warmth. The slashes of red-orange breaking things up and keep.

tembonzuri:    Shichi-Go-San  Every November 15, three and seven year old girls and three and five year old boys participate in a rites of passage tradition called Shichi-Go-San, which means seven-five-three. In Japanese numerology,these numbers are considered lucky. The parents dress their kids in fancy kimono’s and go visit shrines. They are also given chitose ame which means thousand year candy which represents good health and longevity.

Girls Dressed in Kimono, Shichi-Go-San Festival (Festival for Three, Five, Seven Year Old Children) Photographic Print.omg so cute this is how im going to dress our little hirls for the chinese festivals hubby ♥

なんちゃって花魁でありんす♥の画像 | ダリヘアデザイン 高島の靭公園から徒然と

なんちゃって花魁でありんす♥の画像 | ダリヘアデザイン 高島の靭公園から徒然と

Emperor-summer-court-robe-1851-1861. Chinese Quing Dynasty costume

Emperor's summer court robe (Xianfeng period) Length 140 cm x width 182 cm. On loan from the Palace Museum, Beijing. Embroidered with the Twelve Symbols.