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24 Mildly Spicy Memes With Just a Little Bit of a Kick - Cheezburger - Funny Memes

Another day, another batch of geeky products and ideas that are borderline genius.

As a female who loves Batman, the one about naming your baby Gotham didn't really appeal to me.

Sunday meme dump (60) - Mohstly fresh - Album on Imgur

Sunday meme dump (60) - Mohstly fresh

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Run Away! #gamers #JurassicWorld / http://saltlakecomiccon.com/slcc-2015-tickets/?cc=Pinterest

Jurassic World. Tap to check out Awesome Jurassic World Movie iPhone Wallpapers Collection! Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs - Gonna see this next week!

Nothing quite like some good aleep!

altonzm: “ yungmethuselah: “ There’s no reason you can’t eat pie at every meal. They make fruit pies, vegetable pies, meat pies, meat substitute pies, I mean pies easily cover of your necessary.