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JARED NO SETTLE DOWN<<That's only what they want you to think. Then you turn around and they make a dick joke when u were least expecting it.

Jensen is a Disney princess and Jared is the rougish theif hahah

Jensen talking about being compared to Rapunzel in Tangled. Poor Jensen < don't even watch the show but these guys are hilarious!

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

Jared Padalecki — inspiration for Adam Royce from my short story—Baby, It’s Cold Outside—from the Timeless Moments anthology.

Supernatural: Jared Padalecki is my lion of sunshine

Being famous is easy / iFunny :)

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This man..

Jared with great Padahair eating octo-pumpkin grape OMG. I have never heard of an octo - pumpkin grape.


Beard or no beard? Both, both, both is good - Supernatural - Dean and Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki - Life's tough questions - How does Jared manage to look so adorable with a beard?

I loved this part! "Bill Nye" was taller than Jared!!! Hahahaha!

Moose's face is priceless~~~Who is that tall guy (Not Moose)?


No Samson did NOT get his power from his hair! He got his power from the Nazarite vow that he took which includes not cutting your hair. The power was given by God not his hair because that would be stupid.

They're huge!

A post about moose isn't complete till we get there! Seriously though, moose are HUGE!<<< hahah I knew THIS was going to happen XD