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Your instincts, your gut, or your intuition - no matter what you call it, it is a message to you from your soul and you should be listening to it! Left click on photo to enlarge.

I heard my suitcase being dropped on the snow. "Nothing of importance in there, boys," the leader announced. His men looked around at each other in confusion as to what to do next. "I'll make it easier for you guys," I rasped, "You. Got. The. Wrong. Man." Before I could explain further, I started hacking up blood. The leader finished for me, "That means we killed an innocent-" "Making us not innocent!" interrupted one of his not-so-bright men. "Does that matter?! We still need the…

Yes! Please stop. Think of the message you're sending these impressionable young're teaching them at an early age that "boys" being mean to you means they like you. Then parents wonder why their daughters grow up and end up in abusive relationships whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically abusive or all of the above. Well because genius you set that foundation up at an early age. Duh.

I'd like to see more male characters who consider a female character they lost to a worthy opponent rather than being ashamed by it (I'm also glad to see situations where this cliche is avoided, like Mulan).

Dear Girls, I heard you like bad boys. Those guys who act like they don't care about you, which makes you try harder to make them like you. Those guys wouldn't reply to your texts until later on, which makes you wait around and miss him more... <3 So many more empowering quotes on Joy of Mom - hope you'll join us! <3 #empoweringwomen #empoweringgirls #inspirational #badboys #quotes #joyofmom

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