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Greetings! And welcome to my elven kingdom! *deep dramatic bow*Hope, legends, dreams, fantasy, imagination, nature, magic, art, fairytales and a wee bit of pixie dust ~ All parts of my existence...I...

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Celtic Viking Combat Sword - Medieval Replica, Functional with Leather Scabbard

"Viking women were really strong," says costume designer Joan Bergin. Ragnar Lothbrok's wife, Shield Maiden Lagertha is seen here in her battle gear, worn when she fought alongside the men on raids and in the shield wall. "They could own property and ultimately rule. All that power women had they eventually lost over the centuries. Women being equal partners to men in all areas of life. Thanks to the Vikings, in Celtic lands a woman could divorce a man by turning around three times in a…

This is basically what I imagine Araye in, except solid black obvs because and the cape is made more-so of fur rather than cloth but I imagine it lighter than the other ranger's cloaks because as an archer she obvs needs to be able to move easily/quickly.


47 Free Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns

Move over, medieval soldiers! Chain mail patterns aren't just for armor. We've collected 47 Free Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns to inspire you to create your very own beautiful woven chain pieces.

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Witcher Wolf School silver sword - Carbon steel 100% handmade - Functional