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Admin: Funny part is that she looks SO SIMALAR to me lol! Italy: *hides in closet* Ve~ << That's nightmare fuel. I can see why Artie isn't particularly fond of him...

Hetalia - America / England (UsUk)

The Hetalia Book 4 - Just Some Things

Imagine his sunglasses going wild and then just hit England in the face XD

Hetalia Text Posts APH Prussia

Americans may be backwards when it comes to just about everything, but at least we're not the French schooling system:

Aww poor Japon ! <<<Japon? New favorite typo<- Japon's the french version of Japan. Know your languages. And well, it is french after all...

Ok so first of all whY tHe fUcK does this make any sense at all???<<< Lol

Hetalia Text Posts APH Prussia

FACE family <<< it's now canon that every single member of the FACE family looks good in glasses

Headcanon accepted.