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Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them #infographic #Flags #Travel

Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them #infographic

Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them #infographic #Flags #Travel

I love this, but France is very out numbered. That would be Louis, Albus, Dominique, and Rose against Victoire, Teddy Lupin (I don't care that he's not technically a cousin because he would take part in this too) Molly, Lucy, Roxanne, Fred, Hugo, James, and Lily! At least have Victoire fight for France!

The Most British Picture Ever, Presented by her Majesty Google and her good friend Sir Tumblr


One in 100 children are psychopaths, experts believe

hummmmm..... I've been seeing a lot of these stories lately... maybe because of this movie -

AHAHAHAHAHAHA<<<I just looked up what 'mulkvisti' means on translate and it came up with 'dickhead'. Hmm, that sounds a lot more correct actually.

"So true! hahaha" Oh, and what about Canada?.... 'Canada as seen by the whole word: Toronto/Montreal'

HELP I'M LITERALLY DYING XD Okay that's something my brother and his "best friend" would do ... I mean really

"no, that is a fucking apple" THANKS DUOLINGO IM PRACTICALLY BILINGUAL / follow ★ @oiwiththepoodle≀•