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Geen ''bug''' De LOA op zijn best!!!!!Man trouwt wildvreemde dankzij Facebook-bug● Het is zes jaar geleden dat Schuler Benson Facebook vervloekte, nadat hij erachter kwam dat hij op het account van een totaal onbekende vrouw was ingelogd. Inmiddels zal hij het social mediakanaal op zijn blote knieën danken. De wildvreemde vrouw bleek uiteindelijk de liefde van zijn leven.

Focus Wheel I saw this after a friend was sharing with me about creating a focus wheel. I thought this one was cool. I'm going to create a focus wheel tonight.

MUST READ FOR ABESTERS!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AS PART OF YOUR MANIFESTATION!! How a PASSWORD Changed My Life ■■■ "How could she do something like this to me?" said a voice in my head. All the time. Every day. Back in 2011, when everything had gradients, iOS icons made sense, and people used deodorants, I was stuck in middle of a pretty bad depression due to my divorce. Thankfully, I think I was smart enough (and had great people around me) so I managed my way out. ■■■ One day I…

The Quantum Energy Generator (QEG): If You Build It, They Will Come - Free energy has been released to the people.!!!