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Washington included two Syrian rebel groups working with Daesh and eight groups working with al-Nusra Front in a truce list, the Russian Permanent Mission to the United Nations' Geneva office said in a statement.

Karzai Says He Was Assured C.I.A. Would Continue Delivering Bags of Cash  THAT WOULD BE YOUR CASH  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/05/world/asia/karzai-said-he-was-assured-of-cash-deliveries-by-cia.html?_r=2

Karzai Said He Was Assured of Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.

money, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan told reporters, was “an easy source of petty cash,” and he suggested that some of it was used to pay off warlords and power brokers.

BBC bosses have told reporters to think of money-making schemes and present them to their line managers at forthcoming job appraisals – raising concerns that the organisation's prized editorial standards will be compromised by commercial imperatives.

Shock at the BBC as reporters are told to start making money

There are fears for the future editorial independence of the BBC after news journalists were ordered to come up with money-generating ideas for the corporation, a leaked email reveals.

Amer Abdel-Haqq, citoyen reporter

Amer Abdel-Haqq, citoyen reporter

I think way too many times we take living in America for granted. When I leave my house I don't worry if it will still be standing when I come back. I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!! I thank God for my country!

A very powerful photograph…

A Palestinian child reacts moments after coming home from school and realizing that his family house had been demolished by the municipality in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina

.غزة : اسماء الشهداء الذين ارتقوا على بحر مدينة غزة قبل قليل : عاهد بكر . معتصم بكر اسماعيل بكر محمد بكر Gaza: los nombres de los mártires que han crecido en la ciudad de Gaza hace un momento. JULIO 2014

Israel today killed 4 children of the same family; These 4 children were targeted this morning and shot in a cold blood.

Daily Kos: Maddow Said It: Sedition  This fight is far from over.

Daily Kos: Maddow Said It: Sedition

British photographer Tim Hetherington is photographed for Venice Magazine.

View images and find out more about Tim Hetherington, Venice Magazine, August 2010 at Getty Images.

Israeli crimes against humanity: Gruesome images of charred and mutilated bodies following Israeli air strikes | Global Research

ISRAELI NAZISM / atrocities / ethnic cleansing / crime against humanity.in Lebanon mutilated body of a young kid in S Leb., carried by UN medic (photo by Reuters)