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The Arab Sheik Iderim, owner of the white stallions Judah Ben-Hur rides in the chariot race, and a strong supporter of Ben-Hur. He roots fro the underdog in this race all the way through. Ben-Hur 1959


LOLNFL 2011: Week 13

Absolutely right! That team did fine without Tom Brady that year... nobody does fine without Peyton Manning :)

Malcolm Gladwell: 'If my books appear oversimplified, then you shouldn't read them' The star writer discusses his new book, David and Goliath, which examines the role of history's underdogs and misfits, and replies to critics who say his ideas are too simplistic


Hero (dvd_video), Movies


Director Tim Miller brings a popular anti-hero to the big screen with help from Adobe Creative Cloud. Ever since Ryan Reynolds burst onto the screen a...

The tragic conclusion to The Roaring Twenties 1939: Eddiie Bartlett, played by James Cagney, dies at the footsteps of a church. Panama Smith, played by Gladys George, holds him in her arms.

Paulette Goddard and Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times 1936 The gamin feels discouraged, but this time Charlie Chaplin is the one who lifts her morale, pep talks her into keep fighting.

The brutal, strongman Zampano in La Strada 1954 Sheer physical, brutal strength and thoughtlessness is everything.