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Write a book

Bucket List // Write a book! The number one thing I WILL do one day.

Get a Tattoo:) super small one

So, I'm getting a tattoo this summer. Part of my "New Year, New You" thing I'm starting on my birthday this year.


Bucket List: Pay a strangers bill- gas, groceries, dinner tab, etc. Random acts of kindness feel great to do & receive. Pay them forward!

Own something from Tiffany & Co. Not because it's expensive, either. Some of the designs are so amazing.

DONE! Own Something From Tiffany & Co. -- My engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. and we also have a Tiffany & Co.


Be a bridesmaid. Done for one of my best friends weddings. I've always dreamed of being a bridesmaid.

ride an elephant in india...or africa...preferably africa...i like the big ears =)

This is a long life dream of mine because I have always wanted to go to india someday and ride on an elephant.

Bucket list!!

Inspiring picture ballon fight, before i die, huge water ballon fight, water ballon fight. Find the picture to your taste!

before i die, bunny, pet

Baby bunnies are precious, so there's no use in trying to argue with that incredible fact. Can't get enough adorable bunnies in your life? Take a look at 17 baby bunnies who will certainly brighten your day.


Things to do before I die

I love sunflowers! My fav flower! Visited a sunflower patch in Miami:-)

With the right person...

Fall in Love / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die.done ♡ and still in love with the love of my life!

#Before I die... DONE! Nothin' better then homegrown goods!!

have a garden, plant veggies and beans and herbs and strawberries and blueberry bush and more!