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meiner war blau. er hiess cocco. er liebte es, in den zur schale geformten händen unter dem wasserhahn zu duschen. oder in einem frisch gewaschenen kopfsalatblatt zu baden.

10 tasty and healthy treats for pet birds

Color morph Parrotlet and Hyacinth Macaw - one of the smallest parrot species with the largest

Blue Bird - I love this pic. I can just hear someone in his 'Batman Voice' saying, "I am the day." Not 'night', because this bird's too bright for that...

But he added, in the bitterness of his soul anguish and despair, " I am carnal, sold under sin." He longed for the purity, the righteousness, to which in himself he was powerless to attain, and he cried out, " O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death ?