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We are at war with fossil fuels.

The pioneer crop that will prove the biomaterials model, one that will finance the legislation clearing a path for legalization of the other. The merits of this crop and time to market are leading factors in positioning the bio-based materials industry to be a superior, low-cost alternative to wood and fossil fuel based products. That is bamboo.

Burning any carbon based fuel converts carbon to carbon dioxide. Unless it is captured and stored, this carbon dioxide is usually released to the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon that was removed from the atmosphere millions of years ago by animal and plant life. This leads to increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

There could be an increase in demand for steel with the uprise of renewable energy.,b629fe13-cc35-a0e5-76bc-845a5178bba8

This evolution expands the conversation beyond renewable energy and focuses on materials. It empowers US to make the changes we seek via a BIOECONOMY.