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Dr. Jekyll - 6 * 4 "Strange Case"

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Photos

Ugh mooooooooooooom

I am majestic." "Emma, people are staring. You're the Sheriff, act like it. I am the Swan" <<<another pinner hahahahahaha

I will always find you. #ouat

snow (mary margaret) if people are supposed to be together they find a way a great quote by snow

For reals though!! I love Once!!!! #oncerforlife

20 Reasons Why Once Upon a Time is the BEST

And then all of the OUAT fandom mourned the death of beloved son, father and friend Neal Cassidy/ Baelfire.

24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand

Who do you think you are?!?!? No one touch my queen!!!!!

Lana Parilla and Sam Witwer - Behind the scenes - 6 * 1 "The Savior" - July 2016

Colin O'Donoghue and Helen O'Donoghue attends the Irish Film And Television Awards on May 24, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

Colin O'Donoghue and his wife Helen Irish Film & Television Academy IFTA Captain Hook Killian Jones Once Upon A Time If you take place like thanks Miriam

EvilCharming BROTP why is this not a thing we need to make it a thing guys

They were meant to be together!!!! OUAT throw back season 3 part 2...Captain Swan

Marian: Unless you're kidnapping me, I'm going to go find my family" Emma: "I guess we're kidnapping you." Hook: "I always knew there was a little pirate in you, Swan!" Hook looks so happy and she looks so proud!

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Well, Zelena, be prepared, cuz Regina's gonna kick your ass!

Rumple and Regina.  Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla.  Ouat bts S5

Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold) and Lana Parilla (Evil Queen/Regina Mills) on the Set of OUAT Season 5