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Emma and Hook - 5 * 4 "Broken Kingdom" #CaptainSwan

Emma and Hook - 5 * 4 "Broken Kingdom"

This why they shouldn't have deleted that other scene... it makes this scene all the more hilarious!!!

I can't believe they deleted the jello scene. "What the bloody hell is it?" = "Well I thought it was a hallucination.

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Emma and Hook - 5 * 4 "Broken Kingdom"

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Actual lines from Once Upon a Time that describe my reactions to Once Upon a Time. I have definitely said all of these many many times xD

I like that you can clearly see the difference between Belle and her mirror image. The image is a little TOO perfect looking, a sort of cold perfect

The difference between the real Belle and Mirror Belle is astonishing The emotion in Real Belle and the coldness even malice in Mirror Belle

Did you know that the actors for Snow and Charming are really together in real life?? Aaaaand they're also really having a baby!!! :3 :D

Once Upon a Time: Meet Snow and Charming's Tiny New Baby!