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Regina and Emma - "There's No Place Like Home" - 3 *22.

Regina and Emma - "There's No Place Like Home" - 3

Once Upon A Time Hook and Emma

Day 7 favorite kiss: my favorite kiss is when Emma kisses Hook after he tells her he gave up his ship for her

Hook and Emma aren't true love!!! Neal and Emma are true love. When everyone was pulled back to the enchanted forest and Emma and Henry got their new memories. The necklace keychain that Neal got Emma many years ago came with him. He said "I don't know how it survived the curse" and belle responded "because it's born out of true love"

New Cast Promotional Stills:The Evil Queen, Henry, Emma, Captain Hook, Snow…

Even though Regina and Emma's faces squished together is a bit weird, I still…

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Although Regina and Emma's face looks wierd squashed together, this is one of my favorite ouat photos. They should've put Henry's whole face in the middle.

Regina Mills and Emma Swan. Team Mom.

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - OUAT - Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills - Evil Queen -

Once Upon A Time is the best show ever. What else can I possibly say?

Regina: The Girl who lost herself, destined to destroy. Emma: The girl afraid to find herself, destined to save them all

Once Upon A Time Character Necklaces: Emma, Regina, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin

Once Upon A Time Character Necklaces - Emma (Beetle Car), Regina (Apple Tree), Belle (Chipped Cup), Rumpelstiltskin (Spinning Wheel) . i want them all!

Regina and Emma - 6 * 8 "I'll be your mirror"

Regina and Emma - 6 * 8 "I'll be your mirror" SwanQueen is probably the best ship in the show