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Pepper Sweet Banana- “Superette Sweet” very large banana peppers is very sweet. They ripen from light green, yellow to red good for salad, pickling, frying, and freezing.

Pepper Sweet Bell Canary Hybrid- These fruit are 3” long to 4” wide mature from green to yellow very sweet. Use fresh or cooked in your favorite recipes.

Sweet Non-Bells Pepper Banana Sweet- Elongated ripens pale green to yellow than red thick walled sweet waxy flesh excellent fresh or cooked.

Sweet Pepper Bell New Ace- These fruits are thin-walled, has 3-4 lobed not blocky, turn red early, good for the home garden. Has excellent sweet taste and tender.

Sweet Pepper Bell “Staddon’s Select Sweet”- This pepper ripens from green to red these are good for salad, stuffing, freezing, and frying.

Sweet Pepper Pimiento Tangerine- These are thick-wall small golden-yellow to orange peppers. These turn super sweet when at the ripe orange stage. Use these peppers for pickling and pickling.

Semi Sweet Pepper “Sweet Heat” Italian- These are more bell shape go from green to red when mature. They are sweet and mildly spicy like a pepperoncini, with a great smoky flavor.

A good site for choosing good pepper varieties to grow. Both sweet and hot peppers are considered. Originally pinned by Ramesses Meryamun.

Semi Sweet Peppers Thai Long Sweet- These fruit light green 6/2” long tapered and pointed. These are great for stir-fry, pickling, and grilling! Not sure if sweet, hot or spicy multi catalog say different things our first year.