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A medal of courage for bomb dog Theo: Posthumous award for heroic animal who died hours after his master

Theo, a 22-month-old springer spaniel cross, will receive the PDSA Dickin Medal for life-saving bravery in conflict.

Baby sloths learn to climb with the help of a rocking chair on video

The baby mammals were filmed learning how to climb at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica

Permian Extinction Article, Mass Extinction Information, Park Tourism Facts

A quarter of a billion years ago, long before dinosaurs or mammals evolved, the 10-foot (0.3-meter) predator Dinogorgon, whose skull is shown here, hunted floodplains in the heart of today's South Africa. In less than a million years Dinogorgon vanished in the greatest mass extinction ever (the End-Permian Extinction, a/k/a "The Great Dying"), along with about nine of every ten plant and animal species on the planet.