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2:26 Mugabe regime arrests another senior Zimbabwe war

Mugabe: Zimbabwe to soften controversial foreign company law -

Mugabe: Zimbabwe to Amend Indigenization Law -

Sometimes goodness comes from treating yourself. Not like you burned earth to dust but like you made it into a beautiful body crowned it with stars, put a precious coat over it and called it home. - Tapiwa Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Independence Day in Zimbabwe, 1980. if only they knew then what they know now...then they might not be so happy. African leaders are all the same. Greedy, corrupt, selfish and un-educated. South Africa will be the next Zim in 10 years...nothing changes.

7 Natural Wonders of the World #7 Victoria falls- Zimbabwe, Africa. I heard this makes Niagra look like a leaky faucet lol.

‘Wole Soyinka, Nigerian novelist, playwright, poet, and teacher. His powerful writings enabled him to become the first African writer to win the “Nobel Prize” for literature in 1986.’

Mugabe Zimbabwe to soften controversial foreign company law - BBC News

Zimbabwe. When I first see this! My heart will skip a few beats! I may die from happiness.