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Spread of ISIS through Iraq and Syria

Spread of ISIS through Iraq and Syria

The Syrian War now enters its 4th year. Millions of Syrians have been displaced, ½ of whom are children left without proper schooling. If the situation does not improve dramatically, Syria risks ending up with a generation disengaged from education & learning. Syrian Refugees: The not so fun Facts Infographic

Why did BOB choose to support Syrian refugees? Well lets take a look at the below graph. It gives you a better explanation of the actual impact of the Syrian refugee crisis and why we wanted to be a part of the solution to helping Syrian refugee children.

More than talk about Aleppo. Do something. Write letters to congress-people asking them to take action. Donate clothes and food to organizations that help out. Educate your friends and family. Donate food and supplies to Doctors Without Boarders. Ask your school to hold an assembly. Rally for donations at your school or church or community center. Take action.

Yes, some are terrible, awful people who have taken countless lives, but what about the children being raised into this horrific dystopia?

Day 38 – The first recorded plant collectors were the soldiers in the army of Thothmes III, Pharoh of Egypt, 3,500 years ago. In the temple of Karnak thses soldiers are depicted bringing back 300 plants as booty from Syria.

Goddess with Blue Lotus Flowers for the Blue Lotus Essence. Goddess with Blue Lotus Flowers for the Blue Lotus Essence

CHILLING: Muslim Brotherhood 'Inside the Wire' in America - There are Brotherhood advisers to the Obama White House, Dept. of Defense, FBI, CIA, Dept. of State & Dept of Homeland security. They are directly shaping our national policy, & approving, directing our govt. training & education on Islam inside & outside our govt.

Threats from self-proclaimed 'Islamist jihadist' prompt Fort Collins police to caution religious organizations

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination  Adopted and opened for signature and ratification by General Assembly resolution 2106 (XX) of 21 December 1965 entry into force 4 January 1969, in accordance with Article 19

Human Rights Council opens Special Session on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The Himalayan - Le Cirque Signature Mumbai - High-end global restaurants sprout to feed India's wealthy‚ open outlets 2013-12-12 10:25 PM

Syria‚ Islamic State committing war crimes: UN - Detail News : Nepal News Portal

News Pakistan 24/7: Earthquake reported in different Parts of Pakistan Earthquake reported in different parts of Pakistan  panic was seen in people of the cities effected by earthquake. Since last year Pakistan has seen a large increase in earthquake. No damages of life or property has been reported till now

FIA arrested three persons for making fake passports. Lahore: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested three persons for making fake passports.

Obama’s Humiliating Defeat | By Glen Ford | When presidents fail, it is a public spectacle. In his rush into unprovoked war against Syria, President Obama overplayed his hand. | 09/11/2013.

Home page of the black agenda report, executive director is glen ford, clearly an example of a thought leader!

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Ceramic artist Pamela Mei Yee Leung: 'Maybe we are all mythological' - video