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Could having a set bedtime schedule help children get to sleep better? New findings published in the journal Sleep show that a positive impact on sleep increases with the consistency of a nightly routine.

Giving kids a schedule for playtime, chores and summer homework. I would really love to be able to make this happen. Kids thrive on schedules and clear expectations. But spontaneity always seems to win out in my house.

Sleep Reward Chart- Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart - Sleep Chart for Children. Perfect bedtime routine. Star Chart for Bedtime

@Jenn L Milsaps L Garrett - we can draw on of these and get cute stickers. It helps get them through the bed time process and rewards them in the morning when they complete the job of staying in bed all night

Nap time routine chart - love the train reinforcer! could be for a routine, token board, etc....and can easily tape more cars when needed!

4 More Helpful Printable Parenting Charts

Baby sleep needs Haha, haha, no one told my children this, or my grandchildren. If only!

I want this to be for a schedule. Once it's all done then the TV and play and all the fun stuff can be done. :) Yes! This is what I am doing. :)

flylady lists - This is where I learned to make cleaning lists back in college(Kim). LOVE Flylady :) @Stacey McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie

Those First 30 Minutes That Determine the Rest of Your Day

How do you start your day? The way it begins has a profound impact on you and your attitude - as well as the rest of your family and your life together.

Ikea First :59 & Morning Motivation Solution

Ikea First :59 and Morning Motivation Solution from @craftingchicks. I love this so much and so want to try it! #jobchart #chorechart #organization