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There are six types of volcanoes, They are Shield, Strato, Caldera, Monogetic fields, Flood Basalts and Mid-ocean ridges. - Millie Endacott

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South Sandwich Island Arc  British Antarctic Survey

Underwater Antarctic volcanoes discovered in the Southern Ocean

Underwater Antarctic volcanoes discovered in the Southern Ocean.Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters around the remote South Sandwich Islands.

Lava Explodes into the Ocean, Hawaii  , from Iryna

Lava meets ocean water after Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii. Photo by: Alain Barbezat

A new island being born in Nishinoshima, Japan

New island creation in Nishinoshima, Japan from Karapaia Woah! this is amazing! I heard tho, that these new islands never last a long time. The ocean carries away the lose ash too fast

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Lava Tube from the Surf - Big Island, Hawaii – CJ Kale Back to the Big Island! Recently we featured a close up of fresh lava HERE. Now we are bringing you a first from CJ Kale and his surf lava images. He and Nick Selway braved