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Great Mazinger : special Jun Honoo ! - Page 2

You're beautiful, each and every one of you. You're all unique and special in your own way. Don't listen to what other people tell you. For you're beautiful and special. Believe in yourself. Be YOU. If you do that, you'll be the most beautiful woman on earth. I guarantee it. ;-)

And just to be perfectly clear here. I want to make sure you understand. I didn't leave you. I am trying and almost finished getting the education that is going to free me. It was never that I didn't love you. It's that I have two other people that I love and am responsible for too. If you had cared you would have worked harder to help me.

Normal is so boring. A lot of people follow the crowd. Us Otakus on the other hand we do things in our own unique way. We're weird and we're proud of it. We even have a special day of the year just for Otakus.

SPECIAL A: Hikari Hanazono was the best at everything, so when she challenged Kei Takishima to a wrestling match, she naturally assumed she would win. Description from I searched for this on

from Cube Breaker

Stitched Leaves and Leaf Cuttings by Hillary Fayle

Stitched leaves and leaf cuttings by artist Hillary Fayle

You can never argue the existence of Reigisa and if you do your watching the show wrong because those babies are literally MADE for each other

I bought the mother of all printers the other day after work so now I'm working on something which I will later make prints of for my shop. I'm trying to find time to get all of the larger 14"x17" pieces I've created recently scanned so that I can make some prints & something special with them. Stay tewned for more deets! For now I hope you enjoy this #wip Have a great day lovelies!! #graphicartery #artshare #artwork #myart #sketch #draw #artsy #arte #art #artnerd #artist #illustration…

I don't see any thing wrong here everything is normal XD