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avisenmanu: “ A 72 year old mongolian hunter with his golden eagle…on horseback. If you don’t understand how badass this is, you’re not alive ”

avisenmanu: A 72 year old mongolian hunter with...

Kazakh people in Mongolia celebrating Eagle festival in every March - 72 years old Hunter with Eagle by Tsolmon Naidandorj, via

Africa | "Natural Fashion" Tribal Decoration from the Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Hans Silvester

Painted faces, scarred bodies, wooden guns and extravagant headdresses: Amazing photographs reveal the lost world of the Omo tribes of Ethiopia

A mongolian hunter on a riding horse armed with a Golden Eagle., from Iryna

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PHOTOS. 15 magnifiques photos en compétition pour le World Photography Awards

Sony world photography awards 2015 – A Young Nenets boy plays in temperatures in Siberia Photograph: Simon Morris

✿ ❤ Moğolistan'da Dukha Türkleri.  http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/photos-lost-mongolian-tribe-incredible/

These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

Chaganar, Siberia - Tuvan shaman performing healing ceremony. priestessanddeer.com

Chaganar Village, Republic of Tuva, Siberia, Russia. Shaman VERA in a ritual by the sacred mountain of Hayirakan (the bear)

Ainu Woman; the Ainu are a native people who live in the Northern Islands of Japan.

Ainu means human . The Ainu people regard things useful to them or beyond their control as kamuy (gods). In daily life, they prayed to and.

Or if you don't have a horse.well, you ride a reindeer! Photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue December 2011 In northern Mongolia, reindeer territory, Puje fearlessly explores the wild landscape.