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Check out the designs, along with their corresponding annotated versions, by Brett Booth and Javier Fernandez (via Newsarama) below:

These two Green turtles, known as Shelley and Casey, were photographed by Troy from Oceanic Imagery as he swam at Moore Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. (found on Facebook page)

The Illustrations of Troy Galluzzy Fast cars, explosions, enigmatic villainous types, and a gaggle of naked girls – Troy Galluzzi’s collection of comic-inspired pop art reads similar to the storyboards for a Michael Bay film. With bright, flashy imagery, and an easy-to-digest storyline, the best way to enjoy this collection is with a buttery bucket of popcorn.

A member of the Pictures Generation who showed with contemporaries Jack Goldstein, Robert Longo, and Sherrie Levine in the pivotal 1977 "Pictures" exhibition, Troy Brauntuch is well known for distinctive photo-based works and paintings created with Conté crayon on dark cotton. His subjects range from the ordinary (a cat, a dress, a stack of folded shirts) to the tragic (the 1990 Pan Am bombing), and include many representations of indirect Fascist imagery .

WEDNESDAY From @alderneylanding RHYTHM OF LIFE Created and directed by Pamela Halstead with Moja Makani Narration provided by Troy Adams Featuring Moja Makani Dr Henry Bishop David Harrison Shirley Jackson Craig Pothier and David Skinner with Special Guest Keonte Beals Public Showing: Wednesday October 12th 7:30pm | $19.50 Adult Senior and Student School Showing: Wednesday October 12th 10:30am | $10 per person Alderney Landing presents the dynamic world beat band Moja Makani in support…

As a ministry grows and expands its website needs will also grow and change. Troy Bailey ministries approached Collipsis Web Solutions about creating a new site that would match their new vision and more focused mission for the ministry. Media heavy, the new site really draws visitors in with compelling imagery available audio and video content and specific connection to what the ministry is all about. #Collipsis #Website