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I'm Eugene Trepanier. This is what I am, what I do and what I like. I want to throw a special thank you out to Amelia & for the constant help and inspiration. ~

The Red Room Theory 4/4 I prefer the romantic WinterWidow take on this personally so Natasha would have to be a bit older for it to work, but it still would. He could have been taken in and out of cryo freeze while he trained her over the years and their connection grew to a romantic one.

Orrrrrr she's the only one in the Avengers that use weapons. (don't say Clint uses them too, I know but I doubt he'd leave his precious bow and arrows there)

I will never see Christmas Trees the same way again..... - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

Bucky and Natasha in the 1940s swinging is officially my new favourite thing. That or him taking her out on a date to show off the dance moves he still retained since the 1940s works too.