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Reading is Your Window to the World. Want to add this to the library entrance or window near the entrance!

Natasha romanoff, cacw, captain America civil war, avengers, marvel, mcu

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Martina Skupinova on

Heck yeah! Also, can we please have a Hawkeye movie, too? Or at least make MCU Clint deaf like he's supposed to be!

Tumblr texts Avengers - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

Natasha is a weapon. Same as Hawkeye. They both simply ARE dangerous.

sodam-art: “ Avengers ancient Chinese AU! I couldn’t draw all the Avengers, but I may be try them later. ”

All heroes have courage but true heroes? They find the strength to search for it in the dark, in the places their own hope hasn't touched in years and help others find that strength in themselves. #marvel

[STORY] 1880's London is a place of many things. From the wealthy Sirs and Ladies and their 'perfect' reputations. To the dirty side streets where the people make do with what they have. In this world, the police are controlled by their pockets and the poorer citizens are left to relentless crime. But rumor has it there are people who want to help. Just go to Cairn St.

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Architecture: Shingle House in Dungeness, Kent

Architecture: Shingle House in Dungeness, Kent, UK by NORD Architecture