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Nazi officers stand on a terrace of Solahuette, the SS retreat outside of Auschwitz. Pictured on the far left if Dr. Josef Mengele. Pictured on the right are Commandant Richard Baer and his adjutant Karl Hoecker. [Based on the officers visiting Solahutte, we surmise that the photographs were taken to honor Rudolf Hoess who completed his tenure as garrison senior on July 29.]

Herman Goering arrives at the place of detention in Augsburg on May 14, 1945, after surrendering to the Americans. He arrived with two dozen suitcases and a valet. Goering was aghast when his US guards kept all of his belongings, including his several grand uniforms he planned to wear during what he expected to be meetings with top Allied commanders. Instead, he found himself in a small naked cell, with a cot, a chair and a table designed to collapse at any pressure to stop attempts at…

Josef Mengele - aka The Angel of Death - a German SS officer and a physician in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. Infamous for performing human experiments on camp inmates, including children. He escaped to S. America after the war

Heinrich Himmler with his daughter Gudrun, wife Margaret, and adopted son. Himmler doted on Gudrun, who was the epitome of the "Aryan" archetype. She even visited Dachau with him, commenting that, "...We saw everything we could...We saw all the pictures painted by the was very nice." She had no idea (then) that her father had selected millions of people for Sonderbehandlung (special treatment), an SS euphemism for gassing. Gudrun, 83, and still a fervent Nazi, lives in Munich.