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Slope Intercept Form Activity: "Find Your Partner"

Linear Equations: Cut and Paste Activity

Linear Equations Cut and Paste Activity This is a cut-and-paste activity in which students are given a worksheet with graphs, and another worksheet with linear

Slope Intercept Form Learn how to write equations, word problems, and graph in a FUN way! #math

Slope Intercept Form MATH TELEPHONE

Algebra isn't always easy to make "fun". but my students seem to love playing math telephone! This is also a HUGE help when practicing for Algebra tests. By the end my students are always VERY good at writing equations and graphing slope intercept form!

Great practice for my Algebra students in converting between the 3 forms of linear equations: point slope, standard, & slope intercept!

Converting Linear Equations ~ Slope Intercept, Standard, & Point Slope

Good practice and can open discussions if students are struggling.

This looks like fun graphing lines in y=mx+b (slope intercept form) practice my 8th grade math & algebra students!

Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ Slope Intercept Form

This zombie themed graphing activity will strengthen your students skills in graphing lines in point slope form.Students are given a graph with 12 zombies on it and 12 equations. Students will cut out each equation and graph the line on the zombie graph.

Activities practicing Standard Form, Slope-Intercept Form, and Point-Slope Form for the same linear equation.  Students match the equations with the other forms, graphs, x-intercepts, and y-intercepts.

Linear Equations Practice Activities

Activities practicing Standard Form, Slope-Intercept Form, and Point-Slope Form…

Check out our flipped classroom animated math lesson on finding and using slope! This lesson is perfect for students with a visual learning preference and is aligned with the common core learning standards for Algebra I. Watch on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/zihsQC0IUd8

Check out our flipped classroom animated math lesson on finding and using slope…

i is a number: Slope-Intercept Form Battleship

Slope-Intercept Form Battleship - Fun, Cool Math for Kids {Weekend Links} from…

This worksheet is intended for use after students have learned the basics of writing equations in slope-intercept form.I tried to pick somethin...

Graphing Linear Equations - Super Linear Equations

FREE Students will: Write an equation for a line with a given point and y-intercept. Write an equation for a line passing through a given point with no set y-intercept Estimate the slope of a line when given no grid lines on a graph.

Introducing students to Slope-Intercept Form through guided discovery: Inquiry-Based Lesson

Slope-Intercept Form Inquiry Activity

Slope-Intercept Form for Linear Equations - Discovery: This activity is an introduction to Slope-Intercept Form. It is best for when students are able to graph a line using a table, but have not yet been introduced to graphing using Slope-Intercept Form.