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15 Bird Feeder Ideas - something for all abilities and interests! Let's look after our feathered friends this Winter!!!

Guinea fowl - not the brightest of our feathered friends but characterful and very attractive. Just don't try raising large flocks of them; they will take to the nearest roof at dusk and make noises akin to multiple car alarms all going off at once.

from Minieco

Feed the birds…….

Bird Cake Recipes. Look after our feathered friends this Winter!

Peacock custom pendant. Making a bird a day a little while ago was a great time and opened up so many ideas. We will never get tired of embroidering our feathered friends. 🐦🐔🐤🐧 . . . #embroidery #craftposure #etsy #thimblethistle #needlework #bordado #contemporaryembroidery #hoopart #modernmaker #broderie #feelingstitchyig #makersmovement #handmadeparade #stitchersofinstagram #handmadeisbetter #favehandmade #makeracademy #happysojo #dandelyne #peacock

Great spotted woodpecker. About blackbird-sized and striking black-and-white. It has a very distinctive bouncing flight and spends most of its time clinging to tree trunks and branches, often trying to hide on the side away from the observer. Its presence is often announced by its loud call or by its distinctive spring 'drumming' display. The male has a distinctive red patch on the back of the head and young birds have a red crown.

from The WHOot

We Love These Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders

Upcycle those popsicle sticks into a fabulous Bird Feeder. Check out all the different versions plus the Toilet Roll Bird Feeder idea!


Tracy Aviary Special Deal for Salt Lake City Friends

Come enjoy spending time with all of our feathered friends here at Tracy Aviary for the day! Marvel at our newest exhibit Treasures of the R...

from The Budget Decorator

Spruce Up Your Garden on a Budget

Spruce Your Garden With A Simple Arbor Topped Off With Birdhouses For Our Feathered Friends............

from the Guardian

The best reader photos of 2009

We are getting lots of Goldfinches in our garden ,snacking on the sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds seems to be their favourite hobby...