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Fantastic Kawasaki 1994 ar50 with aprilia rs125 upside down forks, rs125 front wheel, rs50 extrema single sided swingarm, nikon expansion chamber and ar80 engine. Great to see so modified low capacity bikes- I think low capacity bikes could be the big future trend in motorcycling especially if manfacturers ensure decent specs. For too long now lower capacity meant budget crap but it was not always so- when learners were permitted 250cc and two strokes (similar top power to 600cc supersport…

Baddest Race Bike Ever!!! Kenny Roberts' 2-Stroke TZ750 flattracker

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Yamaha TZ 750 Kenny Roberts Flat Tracker road legal

The most BAD ASS flat track bike. Yamaha TZ750 two-stroke road racing engine wedged into a flat track frame. A bike that was considered unrideable due to its excessive horsepower. Kenny Roberts was famously quoted as saying, "They don't pay me enough to ride that thing" He did win a race riding it.

Mick Abbey Tuning - Two stroke, 2 stroke, twostroke, porting, rebuild, rebores

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Fantic 240 Trials Bike

Fantic 240 Trials Bike in Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Motorcycles & Scooters, Other Motorcycles | eBay

Update on the wild Polaris powered 2 stroke street legal drag bike!

DIY remote control lawnmower - I will have to teach myself how to do this since my husband won't mow the lawn anymore (or maybe he would if we had one)