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Our SUPER COMPUTER is finally ready to answer the most important question..!

Our SUPER COMPUTER is finally ready to answer the most important question. That's really creepy but super funny at the same time.


Century Hidden Mother Photograph- the Right Way. "Old photos where mama is covered up like a ghost to keep the focus on the kids.

Many Victorian fashion accessories became deadly weapons in the right hands. | Victorian Society Ladies Defended Their Honor With Jiu-Jitsu

“Although the woman known as “Miss Sanderson” was a prominent fencer and self defence instructor in Edwardian London, regrettably little is known of her life – including her first name.

Somebody call Nike ... I've found the star of their next commercial!    1960    A pelican takes a stroll.     (via iloveoldmagazines)    Reblogged from iloveoldmagazines, 625 notes, January 24, 2012

From the strange, to the surreal, to the downright bizarre, here’s a collection of rather unusual vintage animal photographs over the past several decades.

50 волшебных фотографий, которые изменят ваше восприятие прошлого!

Lucky Ducks: April "Do ducks swim? Misses Eugenia Dunbar and Mary Moose." The main focus here is of course the horse trough, once a common item of street furniture in many big cities.

This same picture is hanging up inside Cameron's Seafood Restaurant in Pasadena, California.

You expect me to believe she caught that gargantuan fish with the smallest fins in a hoop dress?


Vintage photo of little girl ice skating with her doll, Saturday Evening Post Cover, March