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Are you a highly sensitive Indigo? Here's some helpful information that everyone can use. More great ideas can be found in our book 'Enlightened Indigo Child'. <3 Feel free to share. <3

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7 Home Environment Tips to Help Sensitive Children Flourish

As the parent of a "highly sensitive child," we may find it difficult to get an unbiased opinion about our child's strengths. I know, as I am the mother of a now-adult Indigo child. For parents of sensitive children, here are nine attribute...

We need to be true to ourselves and live life in our own glory. _enlightened Indigo Child Read a bit of the book at Amazon.

When we do what we need to do, learn what we need to learn, only then, we will become who we are meant to be. Move forward fearlessly! -Enlightened Indigo Child, page 163 Read a bit of the book at Amazon.

Are you a person with high sensitivities to the environment, food or people? Please watch our short skype interview to release limiting beliefs and renew your outlook! Listen in as we share a bit of our life story and how we were able to overcome daily challenges. We each have the ability to flourish! Click the link to watch the interview: #indigochild

Be at peace with your child.- Enlightened Indigo Child Read a bit of the book at Amazon.

Find the peace within. Ground yourself daily. -Enlightened Indigo Child For more Indigo insights, read a bit of the book and buy your copy at the attached Amazon link. ♥ Thank you for sharing ♥

Love. The highest vibration in the world. Share it. -Enlightened Indigo Child Read a bit of the book at Amazon.