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"Dear Noah" card from the Dear Blank Please Blank series by Sapling Press. Letterpress printed on cotton paper made from recycled and pcw materials.

Congratulations on making a human with your genitals. Perfect for new parents who appreciate funny baby cards & their private parts.

Card for new parents. I am ready. When are my friends going to start having kids so I can make this hilarious card card

28 of the greatest moments in the history of parenting

28 Of The Greatest Moments In The History Of Parenting

Parents: "What do you want for dinner", me: "nothing" this would fit perfect o - o.. (jk, I usually just answer "food.")

DAMIT DAD I found ya the perfect gift lol since every christmas you would always say "OOOHBOOOSHIT" dont get me anything I dont want anything~The gift of nothing, for those who have everything…lol!

Parenting Text Fail

15 Parents Who Haven't Got the Hang of this Texting Thing Yet - Parents and technology don't always work well together, but when they do, magic happens. Here's a list of 15 hilarious texts from parents who are totally nailing this parenting thing.

These Funny Signs Will Brighten Your Day

Honestly, I laughed out loud. I don't know why because Lionel Richie is such an easy target, but LR jokes crack me up, every time.

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My favorite Lord of the Rings memes on Just Humor Me today! (As a teacher myself, I WANT this little stamp!--Then again, my students always pass.

Aside from 3 and 36, I love this

The creative writing class at my school is writing childrens books This is a list the teacher made of books not to write<<this is hilarious


he: NIGHTMARES FEAR FACTORY in Niagara Falls, Canada. illustrates this point by taking a picture of people at a particulary terrifying moment in their haunted house. But its obviously pretty scary :D