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See, I told you time and time again .. That, I love you MORE.

Love yourself and bring down empires with your power

All men are obviously not all perverts, but ALL DECENT MEN need to stand up against sexual violence and rhetoric like Trump displays.

by 2016 I thought we would have flying cars and cool technology but instead we have killer clowns & Donald Trump running for president.

“You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be.” ― Marilyn Manson quotes

Look! My philosophy. Judgemental people quotes sayings | Judgemental People Quotes Tumblr

"Please don't worry. I've got you." - The Universe Great art and craft kits for children

Yeah, dude. I mean, yup - things became ugly - stuff got messy - but we were so damn close to each other - Since November, things just spiraled out of control. I believe it was written to happen that way, but I wish for once, that both of us can defy destiny and just TALK one day. Just TALK! Because, all of a sudden - a conversation that was NEVER supposed to STOP, STOPPED. And, it's okay. I don't even want to be FRIENDS anymore. I just want to have one CONVERSATION. Last one. Cry my heart…