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will “human version of the knife emoji” solace bonus: piper’s other loving but deadly blondes joining will edit boop i thought hazel’s hair was dark gold / golden brown, so i put her in w/ the.

"Will Solace & Nico di Angelo"

HOW NICO AND WILL R SUPPOSED TO B! both will and nico are older here and are good friends, but they’re not together. also the two of them probably sat down later and will told nico all he knew about each name on his arm

Our heroes

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson, Piper McLean and Jason Grace, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez and Calypso, Nico di Angelo & Will Solace

Awwwww... [PJO ships. (includes Jiper, Frazel, and the one and only Percabeth) Cute for le Holidays!]

Frazel, Jasper, and Percabeth they forgot Caleo! It took me a while to type Caleo cause my autocorrect kept changing it to Dalek!<<< Are you telling me that your autocorrector is more a whovian than a demigod?

Why is Leo like that but love him

This is exactly how i feel the seven would treat Will. Nico gets more and more embaressed so cute. It's also ironic cuz Will is a healer, and all he does is heal people when they get hurt

Heroes of Olympus genderbends. Persephone, Anthony, Jayden, Lea, Peter, Harry, Frances (Frankie), Nicole (Get Him To Chase You Boys)

(Open RP anyone want to do a genderbent Heroes of Olympus Rp? You choose your character I'm female Nico.

Frank Zhang

I love these lil polaroids! Leo and Calypso, Piper and Jason, Frank and Hazel, Percy and Annabeth

Piper really is the world's okayest gf

Percy talked about Jason doing this in Greek heroes! Also I would totally do this if Izzy or my brother lost their glasses like this