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50 Books Like Divergent http://www.xxchromosomes.com/2014/03/50-books-like-divergent.html

50 books like Divergent

I loved Divergent and pretty much any dystopian society book so when I found this I was ecstatic! But no book is like divergent!

dude... just dude

Take My Money

Funny pictures about Take my money right now. Oh, and cool pics about Take my money right now. Also, Take my money right now.

Disney Store Beauty and The Beast Library Snowglobe New Musical with Le Pin RARE | eBay - This looks amazong, I want it!!

DISNEY STORE Beauty and the Beast library Snowglobe NEW musical WITH LE PIN RARE

*O* OneRepublic Special Edition Album by Jordan Anderson, via Behance OMG I want it!!!

Great idea for a combo / box (exclusive) edition of a CD / DVD Strong use of wooden thee throughout and a strong finish OneRepublic Special Edition Album by Jordan Anderson, via Behance

❁[Ane of The Wild Hunt]❁

❁[Ane of The Wild Hunt]❁

Why are all of the good looking ones Violins? It is so hard to find cool looking Violas.

If I played an instrument it would be a pink violin that makes beautiful music and it would look beautiful on my shabby chic wall

heehee i have this!!!! just got this from my fabulous teacher and best friend

heehee i have this! just got this from my fabulous teacher and best friend

The Swimmer's Waterproof MP3 Player - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Swimmer's Waterproof Player - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is what I was looking for to swim laps again!

This is simple with plenty of space for additions. I absolutely love the design. Very creative. Mr. Nitze converted the house's second bedroom into an office and recording studio.

Desert Retreat—WSJ Mansion

Sometimes the best activity on a rainy day is snuggling up with a blanket and reading a good book. Build your own reading nook with this tutorial, and you’ll be able to watch the rain from the warmth of your homemade paradise.data-pin-do=

How to Build Your Own Reading Nook

This built-in windowseat/bookshelf can be an attractive addition to your home.

Singing in the Rain Umbrella...I Want It!!!!

If You Have to Carry An Umbrella, Carry a Cute One Like Keri Russell

the musical theatre nerd in me is in love with this. too bad i go singin' in the rain style and don't use umbrellas. I was in the CYT version of Singing in the Rain, and loved it!

All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls" not bc I was a huge Gilmore girls fan, but I always love a good reading list

All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"

I didn't watch The Gilmore Girls, but was always told I would like this character because she loved to read. Will have to take a look at the list! The Rory Gilmore reading challenge--all 339 books referenced on The Gilmore Girls.