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"NO!" The scream that erupted from her lips was unlike anything he'd ever heard before. He grabbed her and hauled her away but she was still sobbing, still screaming, still straining towards the limp corpse of her brother.

from My Fussy Eater

Cheesy Chicken & Sausage Lattice Pie

A super easy family mid week meal idea that's so warming and comforting; Cheesy Chicken & Sausage Pie with a lattice puff pastry crust. | My Fussy Eater blog


Glencoe: a compact, contemporary kitchen for families

Siberian Husky Pup! I'm starting to see a pattern here... I think I know what u want my next dog to be...

from The Curious Brain

word on the street

I'm unable to keep up with my blog, save the occasional reblog, as I'm struggling to pay for university. I'm sorry for letting people down, but I need to keep myself mentally and physically stable. If you ever need advice, download VENT. It's a lovely...

Chocolate Ice Cups - my mum always loved these, I only bought them as a treat in my mix up as they cost about 5p each and I could get 5 sweets for that!