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Shelley Beach NSW Australia

Shelley Beach NSW Australia

Coffee is my HAPPY PLACE! - Mug £14

Well this isn't exactly coffee shop-specific but it's still coffee aesthetic

The Heather Stillufsen Collection from Rose Hill Designs on Facebook and shop on Etsy. All materials copyright protected

Wall Art for Women - At The Cafe- Wall Art Print - Digital Art Print - Wall Art -- Print

Spend some time in your happy place today. ~ Rose Hill Designs by Heather A Stillufsen

Thought this felt a bit cramped at first, but then after a while I realized, it's not a shop, it's not a high traffic area.  It's home.  Very cozy.  The books could use a bit more care, though. :) with the added bonus, indoor insulation.

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France My dream room, with a more comfy chair and a blanket.maybe a bay window.