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Yup, that would be me. But then I would say "Um Doctor where is the library? " for two reasons 1 cuz I would look for the book with his name in it and 2 cuz there are a lot of books!

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It's not just blue anymore... It's TARDIS blue.

Muhammad Ali: Trials of a Hero

BUT... He has a wardrobe. So I'll be okay if he shows up in the middle of the night or something.

Dress everyday like you´d run away with the Doctor in those clothes

Keep Calm , it IS bigger on the inside...

i can be quite brilliant at times The TARDIS is a beast. Keep Calm : Doctor Who


Lol clumsily killing the silence. <<< It suddenly all makes sense! xD --- wow, I got a scar from the silence

That's a deep, deep love.

I love you as much as British Television.and I love how it's the opening to Sherlock, which is the ultimate British show that I LOVE

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The penguins have the TARDIS. I would watch that episode of Penguins of Madagascar.

LOL! "want to comment... that good things did not happen to arthur last time his room was full of angels..."

"want to comment. that good things did not happen to arthur last time his room was full of angels." What hotel is this!

Dates to remember for 2013…What can I say?  I love movies!

Dates to remember for 2013…

Movie/Book dates to remember Saw Beautiful Creatures already, Excited for The Host, Iron Man Despicable Me Percy Jackson and Catching Fire (so excited for this one)

Good Guy Ten.

7 Amusing Fandom Crossovers

The Doctor killing Edward Cullen. I'll never watch Goblet of Fire the same way again.<<<< I dont know where this belongs, harry potter or doctor who board.

Dear god no!

Dear god no! << Luckily this didn't happen. I would have been really mad

This is why I love Donna. Well, on reason I love her.  (ALSO HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE GIFS WORK HERE!!!!!!)

The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

Words of wisdom courtesy of benedict cumberbatch

Hannah (Sherlock) on

advice from one of the best and most famous actors out there. Benedict Cumberbatch :: one of the many reasons this man is my dream man.