Sidelined by a knee injury from hiking and being in nature this weekend, sigh...but, at least I had some fantastic mail deliveries to play with! I received two gorgeous watch chains from @gypsy_silver and two amazing Egyptian inspired lotus flower topped key chains from Ebay! I pulled all those charms from my collection to play with. Can't wait to antique the key chains to bring out the detail of those lotus flowers! Sadly, the sellers obviously dipped them in silver cleaner :(…

“Taking a break between birthday excursions for @hyperman2000 and working on a design for a matched set of bracelets using this sterling silver mesh chain…”

Inspired by a post from fellow IG'er @treasuregarland, I decided to play with the idea of putting the majority of the excess charms from my collection onto this gold filled bangle bracelet from my jewelry supply in progress, still tweeking the layout, stay tuned :) #sterlingsilver #sterlingsilvercharms #charmbracelet #vintagecharms #charms

Working on another chain idea. Still needs some work.

“Another day, another edit, I hope this one turns out better than all the others! I do really love these two chains together as one necklace and now I'm…”

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#nativeamericanjewelry #vintagemexicanjewelry #turquoise #vintagejewelry #turquoisejewelry

Current Jewelry Projects

See this Instagram photo by @janerosedesigns • 71 likes

“Just a little something I started working on yesterday... #antiquejewelry #antiquechain #vintagechain #vintagesterling #vintagejewelry #sterlingsilver…”

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