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Sandile Ngcobo makes light work of lasers #technology #science

ARTICLE: Spying On People In Their Home Is Justified As ‘Good For The Economy’

56:20 "What if I told you that the NSA had a specialized technology for beaming energy into you and to the computer systems around you would you believe that that was real or would that be paranoid speculation of a crazy person?

14 Handy Tips on How to Better Use Google Images ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

❥ This technology is already being used and 'tested' on people today. There have been reports of people hearing voices in their heads already. Smart meters, cell phone towers and 'smart' electronics with motherboards are being used to bring these frequencies into your home and thus bombard your body and mind with them. Mind control is not a theory, it's a fact.

▶ Multiple Smart Meters on Stratford Home - You can't see it, taste it, nor hear it. Doesn't mean wireless radiation is not affecting you! Take a listen to what this RF meter is picking up. What is microwave radiation capable of? Studies show DNA breaks, weakens/tears the blood–brain barrier, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, leukemia, autism/learning disabilities, sterility/fertility damage, high/low BP, heartbeat palpitations/irregularities, obesity, insomnia, headaches, tinitus...

Health Effects of Microwave Radio Exposures - Excellent presentation chock-full of published science, outlining the increasingly obvious health damage and public risk from the pulsed RF, 'smart' meters.