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Dr. MacNeill explains he hadn't come to follow up on her creek adventure, but was on the way back from Raven Gap when he'd heard about the moonshine incident. Pointing to David, the doctor calls the minister a "damn fool".

Back in her own clothes again, Christy commiserates with David about the Doctor on the ride back to the mission. "He says he cares, but I don't really think he does."

Meanwhile, Christy has a problem. The mule brays and Christy calls out to David that Theo stepped in a hole.

Christy then calls his bluff - just like he didn't hide the illegal liquor under the schoolhouse?

Fingering her wet clothes, Christy turns her attention back to the Doctor.

Miss Alice replies, "I was being silly." Christy starts to smile a little, but the Doctor is less than amused.

David just rolls his eyes at the Doctor's retreating form.

This picture called "Ghost of Silver Run" reminds me of Christy at the train station in El Pano with no one to greet her. (Chapter 1)

Christy doesn't know what to make of what just happened - or the Doctor's placid reaction.