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A dozen years later, Roland Mesnier, then the White House pastry chef, will return to El Paso for the third time, delighted to experience the country that inspired Tom Lea's "Rio Grande.

She wanted a 'YouTube-worthy' proposal. He delivered.

One Night At: Racy drinks, pool at GT's @Des Moines Register #JuiceDM #DesMoines

Martin House Brewing Co. unveils Counter Clockwise Swirl, like Boulevard's Chocolate Ale, but with hints of vanilla, too!

Renowned tracker and geologist, Eric Kappus, admires Tom Lea’s understanding of the forms of nature and his arrangement of them with paint on canvas to evoke a window on the southwestern landscape we know. In a leisurely walk, Eric points out trails and vistas Tom understood and loved enough to want to share them with others. Oct. 26th. 2 pm, Archeology Museum. #TomLeaMonth

Patti Smith Recounts Her Life With Robert Mapplethorpe in Her Memoir 'Just Kids' -- New York Magazine

The Freedmen's Bureau operated in Texas from late September 1865 until July 1870. During that time five men served as assistant commissioner: Edgar M. Gregory, from September 1865 until May 14, 1866; Joseph Kiddoo, until January 14, 1867; Charles Griffin, until his death on September 15, 1867; Joseph J. Reynolds, until January 1869; and Edward R. S. Canby, briefly, until he was replaced by Reynolds.

BAYOU CITY ART FESTIVAL - Memorial park: March 23 - 25, 10a.m. - 6p.m., Admission $12, Children under 12 for FREE! (Family Fun)