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from Greener Me

Used Tissues a Useful Resource?

Did you know you can compost tissues? In fact tissues are considered ‘high carbon’ material for your compost.

from John Lewis

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Separation & Recycling Totem Bin 60L, Stainless Steel

Totem by Joseph Joseph is an innovative system that combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one neat unit. Including a food caddy, general waste compartment and a multi-purpose drawer alongside a carbon filter which helps to eliminate odours.

A carbon steel asparagus harvesting knife, with a serrated blade for sawing through the stems below the soil, and a sharpened tip, for slicing smaller spears. the blade measures approximately 7". Made by the Sheffield garden and agricultural tool manufacturers Burgon and Ball.


WWII Bomb Shelter Becomes Hi-Tech Salad Farm Deep Under London

These tunnels once offered beds for Londoners during the war. In peacetime, they now house salad beds capable of delivering fresh produce from farm to fork in four hours.

Many factors affect the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. When foods are metabolised, acids are produced which need to be neutralised by the alkaline salts (carbonates): calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. So our intake of these mineral salts directly affects our acid-alkaline balance, as does the food we eat. Nearly all fresh fruit, vegetables and pulses are alkaline-forming!

from Gal on a Mission

Acorn and Butternut Squash Soup

A flavorful acorn and butternut squash soup recipe that is loaded with fresh vegetables! Pairs perfectly with a slice of buttered french bread!

from World's Best Bars

Balthazar London

You’ll have heard the buzz by now. Balthazar, which occupies the site of the old Theatre Museum in Covent Garden, is near enough a carbon copy of its New York original, a grand, gleaming Parisian-style brasserie with a bakery attached. And just as in New York, a table can be hard to come by without a bit of effort. Is the hype worth it