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Combining natural richness and grain with a velvety surface that feels truly delightful underfoot. A special brushing process accentuates the grain and structure of the plank. Beautiful knots and dramatic character marks burst into life to create a wooden floor of real depth.

Not everything in life has to be genteel and delicate. Rough is also ready. With its distinctive bandsaw-treated surface, the hardwoods feature a finely irregular structure and coarse-looking stripes to create a tough, true grit appearance. The result is a vibrant space that’s simply bursting with energy.

This hardwood floor is inspired by life at its most raw. The unique weathered look is the result of an intense colour process involving no less than 17 different treatments, and a crafting process that makes a feature of the wood’s natural grain and texture. The result is something truly exceptional.

This stunning rich grey floor has been mechanically aged to add texture and character. ?

The super-wide wooden floor planks (38 cm wide – to five metres long) that form the basis of this wooden floor create a sense of scale and cachet that make these woods ideal for big, open spaces where an unforgettable impact is called for.

The Landmark Wakehurst has a lovely light colour and natural feel, a truly timeless floor.

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Go back centuries. Wooden flooring that pushes the concept of an aged appearance to the maximum. Inspired by the great cathedrals and castles of Europe, this rich floor catches the eye with flamed colour effects on roughed up spots, and hand-scraped edges. Every plank tells a story.

Looking for a wooden flooring solution that works as hard as it is beautiful? Something that will withstand the drum of hundreds of feet crossing it every day? A floor that will transform a commercial project into a statement of intent? Look no further.

This wooden floor recalls the romance of stumbling on and entering a remote mountain chapel or isolated 15th century tower. Simple yet because of this somehow deeply honest, this hardwood floor will bring a smile to your face every time you walk on it.