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Vinteren holder seg fast. Godt å kunne varme hendene.  #snøvotter #sandnesgarn #strikkedilla #strikking #knitting #strikkevotter #strikkeholdeplassen

Vinteren holder seg fast. Godt å kunne varme hendene. #snøvotter #sandnesgarn #strikkedilla #strikking #knitting #strikkevotter #strikkeholdeplassen


Riddari pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir

This Lopi Icelandic Sweater would be so cozy and warm on a cold day in the snow!

Ravelry: chomolhari's Strokkur II

chomolhari's Strokkur II

A dear friend of mine is really fond of my first Strokkur and told me many times how much she loves it. So I decided to be a good friend and knit another one just for her. She does lots of sewing, .

Lappone: White Mittens - Traditional Twined Knitting

White mittens in traditional twined knitting. I have never knitted white mittens in twined knitting until now. I don´t know why .

These are the mittens the blanket was inspired from. Beautiful

Perianth pattern by Barbara Gregory

I finally found the pattern for this on ravelry. I will be making mine soon!! Www.ravelry.com/stores/anelma-kervinen-designs

Gonna try making my first pair of socks soon. And Ankortit: Kirjoneulesukkias socks seem to be the cutest everyone wants :)

These beautiful hand-made mittens are designed specifically for adults. They simply look adorable and at the same time feel soft and cozy! The mittens have two layers and made from 100% organic wool to ensure your comfort level. It’s not only the design that makes them stand out but also the quality! Measures approximately :  Size XS/S: 8 cm (3.15) of the widest part of hand  Size M/L 8,5-9 cm (3,35-3,54 ) of the widest part of hand  These mittens are wool, so should be hand washed in…

Hand-made adult mittens with moomin pattern