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This simple trick can help lower your heating bill!

Make the most of your oven’s heat by placing several fire bricks inside when you bake. The fire bricks will absorb the heat from the oven and once dinner’s done, they’ll continue to emanate heat long after your oven is off.

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I was looking for a relatively easy morning yoga workout with diagrams.Cue the Yogi Bear Yoga workout.

London Underground Map translated into German

London Underground Map translated into German

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Eating animal products is literally paying people to hurt animals for you. It is directly funding animal cruelty.

As a vegan, where do I get my protein, you ask? From eating the people who ask me that.

Free, Workplace Ecard: Yes, I know I am going to hell in gasoline panties for laughing at that, but that shit was fucking hilarious.

Woody Harrelson

"There are all these things we're brought up to believe that are just a total hoax, just bullshit advertising.


Not vegan food? Then it's not food - it's violence, torture, suffering, and death on a plate.

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animals headed for slaughter saying goodbye - often it is a mother cow with a male calf fated to killed for veal.ok vegetarian now for sure!

These foods that burn fat may seem a little weird at first. But just because a food seems strange doesn’t mean that it can’t be good for the body. In the case of these oddball foods you’ll be helping your body burn fat without risking negative side effects. 1. Mangosteen Mangosteen is a fruit that …

8 Weird Foods That Burn Fat and Won't Kill You

10 Minutes Fat Loss - 8 Weird Foods That Burn Fat and Won’t Kill You. - Unusual Trick Before Work To Melt Away Pounds of Belly Fat


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13 Awkward Moments Every Vegan Knows

13 Awkward Moments Every Vegan Knows

13 Awkward Moments For Vegans - experienced this the other day, asked me a question, I answer and then I'm a pushy vegan! I politely answered, if you don't want to know then don't ask the question!