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Emotional Intelligence #Infographic #Emotion #Intelligence REALLY cool to visualize like this....

Emotional Intelligence #infographic

Emotional Intelligence #Infographic #Emotion #Intelligence REALLY cool to visualize like this....

Nave Vault, Norwich | England (by Art History Images (Holly Hayes)

It stops becoming funny when children who are legally unable to make their own medical decisions die because their parents think prayer will save them.

Helena Bonham Carter, with a great name like "Helena" you have to be your authentic self....

Ok, I don't quite believe in them but I do think they are freaking awesome (J).

Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the popular expression that "no two are alike". Although statistically possible, it is very unlikely for any two snowflakes to appear exactly alike due to the many changes in temperature and humidity the crystal experiences during its fall to earth. // macro shot by Katsumi Oyamada

I like how the story takes the shape of letters, and those form another message. I could incorporate this into my magazine by kind of combining a feature story in the small text, but an ASF with the larger letter outlines.

The power is building up behind this dancer's feet, waiting to be released. This is a wonderful expression of dance - power, grace, form, posture, beauty.


Humans vs Nature

Fine art photographer Tina Schultz makes worlds on camera which skillfully combine the raw power of nature with the beauty of the female form. Gaze in awe as her models and their dresses are distorted into a variety of fabulous shapes: wisps of black smoke caught in the wind and silver-blue rivers stretching off into....